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Rancho Style Newsletters

In 2004, Doug and Rochelle Kramer produced a series of four newsletters for the Long Beach Rancho neighbors. The articles covered topics from Cliff May design principles to historic preservation to profiles of renovation projects in the Ranchos. All of the newsletters are now available to download as PDF files. If you are interested in receiving the professionally printed set, please send your name and address to Rochelle Kramer. Click here to request the set be mailed to you.

Rancho Style, No. 1: January 2004     download

  • What Makes the Ranchos Unique
  • Historic Preservation
  • Featured Rancho - Kitchen Remodel

Rancho Style, No. 2: March 2004

  • Cliff Notes: Get to Know Cliff May
  • Renovation: Factors to Weigh
  • Restoration: The Parker Home

Rancho Style, No. 3: May 2004

  • Cliff Notes: Less is More
  • Atomic Ranch Magazine visits the Ranchos
  • Historic Preservation Update
  • Rockabilly Rancho

Rancho Style, No. 4: July 2004

  • California's New Best Seller
  • Historic Preservation FAQs
  • Aqua Cool Rancho