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This unadorned interior view of a Cliff May Rancho reveals the richness of original materials, including birch paneling and cabinetry in the living room and kitchen, exposed-beam ceilings, and translucent glass panels.

Long Beach Cliff May Ranchos

Modernism Meets the Ranch House
Cliff May's homes were certainly inspired by the Western ranch house, but they are unique in their modern interpretation of this California design. The Long Beach Cliff May's were built in the early 1950s and reflect the modernist influences of the time with open floor plans, exposed post-and-beam ceilings, clerestory windows and floor to ceiling glass.

Original Sales Brochure    download
Cliff May, Chris Choate and Ross Cortese teamed up to design and build the Californian, the style of home that is most commonly referred to as the Rancho. Click here to download the original sales brochure from the 1950's.

Floorplan Design and Placement
Many Cliff May designs are L- or U-shaped and are positioned to the back of their lots, a design layout which he envisioned would provide for more open outdoor space and an enhanced relationship between the homes' interior and yard. This placement, which was seen in many of Frank Lloyd Wright's Usonian homes, is revolutionary, and to this day there are few communities like it. Moreover, because of the minimal "set-back" rules within the Long Beach tract, owners are able to fence these areas to create compound-like environments for more private enjoyment of their garden or pool.

Appreciation for Design
As more people become interested in design—whether it‘s a toaster or an automobile—more are wanting their homes to reflect what they value. These individuals tend to share a common aesthetic and appreciation for form and function. They are, in large part, the new breed of owners who are shaping the future of neighborhoods such as the Ranchos. And somewhere in the great beyond, Cliff May is undoubtedly cheering them on.

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