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Doug Kramer's Rancho Style is a celebration of the designer Cliff May, known as the father of the California ranch house. In his lifetime, he designed approximately 18,000 tract homes and more than 1000 custom homes throughout the United States.   >Learn about Cliff May

Rancho Style is also a tribute to the homeowners of the Long Beach Ranchos, whose growing appreciation and respect for Cliff May's architecture is keeping the original qualities of light and openness alive in these classic 1950s midcentury homes.   >Photos of Cliff May Homes

Are you interested in buying or selling a Cliff May home? Doug and Rochelle Kramer are the leading Realtors in the Long Beach Ranchos and proud Rancho homeowners since 1996.  >Cliff May Homes for Sale Email Updates Join Our Email List

Doug and Rochelle Kramer, Realtors and Midcentury Modern Specialists
Meet the Kramers: Modernist Moguls
Meet Rochelle and Doug Kramer, Realtors specializing in midcentury, ranch and modern architecture.

Cliff May and the Modern Ranch House by Daniel Gregory
Cliff May and the Modern Ranch House

Cliff May and the Modern Ranch House celebrates May’s work, from the 1930s to his iconic modern ranches of the 1950s and beyond. Four homes in the Long Beach Ranchos are prominently featured. Highly recommended!

Read about Doug and Rochelle's visit to the 2012 Cliff May exhibit at UC Santa Barbara.

Featured Homes for Sale

Rancho Pool Home
1953, Long Beach
2 bed/ 2 bath, 1,428 sf

Rancho Pool Home

Expanded Cliff May
1954, Long Beach
3 bed/ 2 bath, 2,532 sf

Cliff May Rancho with open concept

Authentic Cliff May
1954, Long Beach
3 bed/ 2 bath, 1,639 sf

Original owner Cliff May Rancho for Sale, Long Beach, California

Cliff May Pool Home
1954, Long Beach
3 bed/ 2 bath, 1,245 sf

Cliff May Pool Home

Modernist Rancho
1954, Long Beach
4 bed/ 2 bath, 1,274 sf

Cliff May Rancho

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